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HTML 5 Weekly Review #3

It was another slow week on the HTML 5 spec front but not with­out some great dis­cus­sion from the Zeld­man camp. In lieu of any real break­ing news, I’ve pro­vided some inter­est­ing links to more read­ing on HTML 5:

HTML 5 Drag and Drop
A write-​​up on the fea­tures and usage of HTML 5 drag and drop in Fire­fox 3.5.

23 Essen­tial HTML 5 Resources
Another list of resources and peo­ple to fol­low regard­ing HTML 5.

HTML 5: Good News/​Bad News
If you’re still a lit­tle con­fused and over­whelmed with every­thing that’s going on with HTML 5, XHTML and future of the web, David at ODF Tools has writ­ten a post that may help clear things up.

Site of the Week: An Event Apart
The redesign of An Event Apart was done by Eric Meyer and the folks at Happy Cog. It’s been up since the begin­ning of the year and was one of the first higher-​​profile sites to switch to an HTML 5 DOCTYPE. Eric goes into more detail here about why he used HTML 5.


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